• We are moving to a new learning management system: Canvas. Classes will be available the first day of class at twelve noon. 

    Please read the new class rules regarding our Canvas classes carefully.

    Class access to each week will be for a one week period only.  All assignments have due dates embedded into the system and students will not be able to submit late assignments without special permission from the instructor, which may or may not be granted depending on the instructor's late policies.  If the instructor has not posted a late policy in the syllabus, the student should consider that to mean that no late work is accepted. All proctored exams will be timed and will automatically submit 120 minutes after first access.  No second attempts for the proctored exam will be allowed, so watch your time carefully. By continuing you agree to the new class rules for all Canvas classes.

    Remember it is the student's responsibility to save a copy of all of their work. 

    All students must complete ALL registration steps before they are enrolled in a course. 

    Please be aware that courses are posted the day they begin at noon.  If the course is cancelled and your contact information with the college is current, you will be notified of the course cancellation by the Barstow College Instruction Department.

    Online courses are presented over the Internet.  These courses allow students to do their work from home on computers through the use of the internet and commercial Internet provider. Students who do not have these facilities will be able to make use of the college labs (Barstow Campus and Ft Irwin) to connect to the courses.

    Online courses require a computer or access to a computer. Students should be aware that any form of non-traditional study requires a great deal of self-discipline and personal motivation. Online courses are generally more demanding than the traditional classroom form of instruction. The courses require that students integrate learning from textbooks with discussion group participation and frequent interaction with the instructor through the courseware management system. Non-traditional education provides access to those prospective students who may not normally be able to attend on-campus classes. Withdrawal rates are high due to unrealistic expectations of students.

    For technical questions and concerns, you can call the Barstow Community College Online Office at (760) 252-2411 ext 7319. For registration and counseling information you can call the Barstow Community College Admissions and Records Office at (760) 252-2411 ext 7236.

    NOTE: All off campus military students enrolling in online classes must submit applications, enrollment forms, and tuition assistance (TA) forms during the enrollment period. If you do not meet the deadlines, you will not be registered in time to complete classes.

    Students must order their textbooks directly from the Barstow campus bookstore. Call (760) 252-2411, ext 7262.


    Your class is hosted on our new courseware system: Canvas. To log in and view class materials, please visit


    Your username for your online course is your uppercase B number. Password will be first two letters of last name with first letter capitalized, first two letters of first name with first letter capitalized and four digit year of birth.

    Canvas does not allow lowercase letters in usernames. Please make sure to use an uppercase B.

    Example: My name is Jack Smith and I was born in 1922.  My Bnumber is B12345678.

    My username will be: B12345678

    My password will be: SmJa1922

    Remember the above is an example and is not a real username and password, nor is it a student password.

    Click the below link to log into the Canvas system:


    If you still need assistance with your username and password please call 760-252-2411 x7319 to receive further assistance.

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